Our Mission

We are on a mission to make snacking healthier. We believe that with food, as in life, what you put in is what you get out. And good for you isn’t good enough. It’s got to taste and be great too.


We believe in snacks made from food, not formulas. Take a look at the ingredients in our products, you will recognize and be able to pronounce every last one. In a world full of overpowering, artificial flavors, we’re proud of our real, award-winning, and addictive, recipes. We also pride ourselves on making all of our products in small batches – we don’t do this because it’s easier (it’s not), we do it because it results in a better product.


Preservatives and high heat are not found anywhere near our products, because yuck. Instead we keep them fresh with cold pressure. It’s a natural step that uses extreme pressure to keep products fresh and protects them from bacteria – so you can always dip worry free! Curious how cold pressure works? Packages are submerged in cold water and a pressure of 5x the depth of the ocean floor is applied. This steps ensures that you get the same great flavor, texture and nutrients every time you enjoy our products. You won’t find over-processed dips and spreads with our name on them, only the freshest ingredients and real flavor.


In 2015, a group of friends got together and decided to buy a company in Boulder, Colorado. It started as an idea, a notion, that settling for good enough was unacceptable, and that freshness and flavor should be held to higher standards. Over the past 7 years, we’ve tried to live up to our mission, through pursuing certifications, releasing new superfood flavors, and disrupting the snack size category. We’re focused on meeting the needs of our customers and creating better-for-you options. We want America to to stop settling and to start snacking like there is a tomorrow.


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